Who Are We

The BBQ Cleaning Company is a family owned and operated business under the watchful eye’s of Ian Jones  –  No franchise to be seen around these parts.

“Jonesy” started the business back in August 2002 – Perth’s first and still the ONLY BBQ cleaning specialist company – working several jobs and developing, building the BBQ Cleaning business with literally bare hands and grim determination.

Along this journey ( more like a marathon he says ) he developed a skill set second to none and sourced the absolute best products required to do each and every task that is required to clean BBQ’s and today’s outdoor kitchens.

He is often heard explaining “..cleaning each BBQ is exactly the same as the last BBQ you cleaned, except for the differences – every job is different, but the process is always the same !  “

His other catch cry is “…follow the system, perform every step and you will end up with the desired result ! “

The desired result is a beautifully clean BBQ/outdoor kitchen and the team at BBQ Cleaning Company have what it takes to ensure every BBQ/kitchen gets what is desired.

“Jonesy” guarantees it !!

The BBQ Cleaning Company is proud to be a founding member of the

Barbecue Service Alliance Australia – a new group of BBQ service providers that support the BBQ industry with high values and excellent service as their core belief.

ONLY tried, tested and trusted businesses are invited to join the alliance.

bbqsaa.com.au http://www.bbqsaa.com.au.