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BBQ CLEANING TIPS  –  BBQ cleaning is essential if you

  • desire to keep your BBQ in good working order.
  • require efficiency in your BBQ’s performance.
  • don’t want disease carrying insects breeding in your cooking facility.
  • dislike getting or feeling ‘dirty’ every time you go near your BBQ.

BBQ cooking is inherently messy, especially when marinades or sauces are used or you roast in your BBQ – but that can be half the fun and produce a lot of great culinary delights. Similarly if excessive fat or oils are used or allowed to build up you will end up with one big mess, not just on the cooking surface but right through your BBQ appliance.
Obviously the first and best tip we can recommend is the use of an experienced                  BBQ CLEANING COMPANY  for regular cleaning and maintenance of your BBQ. Regular cleaning is the ONLY answer to clean healthy barbequing  – call an expert!
The extent and frequency of cleaning should be determined by the degree of use, which is predominantly seasonal.  Always consider giving your BBQ a complete and thorough clean at least once a year and especially before you store your BBQ away for the ‘off season.’       Or consider a cleaning & maintenance program designed to suit your BBQ use.
Consider this – you don’t use your saucepan or electric frypan and leave it for a week, month or longer!  Most people wash there pots & pans after every use, and regularly clean the stove top and oven.  Your BBQ is no different only larger and outside.

The following steps should be taken after each and every time the BBQ is used.

1) After every use, while the cooking surfaces are still warm ( not hot ), use your spatula or “Barbi-Mate” and scrape all food scraps, excessive fats, oils, marinade and whatever into the drain slots / holes. These ‘gaps’ allow all this unwanted material to fall into the drip tray which should contain a ‘grease trap matter’ as supplied by the BBQ CLEANING COMPANY.

2) Following the scrape down, use kitchen paper or similar and wipe the cooking surfaces and the internal sides of the BBQ frame. If you use a hooded BBQ, the internal surface of the hood and any warming racks should also be wiped over.

3) If you have cleaned most of the used oil off the hotplate & grill, apply clean fresh oil sparingly to ensure a full cover of the cooking surfaces.

The following steps should be undertaken on a regular basis.

4) Remove the drip tray and using a slotted spoon or similar collect the congealed fats and lumps of ‘grease trap matter’ and dispose off with you normal rubbish. ( Do not allow pets to access this material, it tends to clog them up and lead to expensive vet bills )

5) Regularly wipe over all external surfaces with a damp cloth.
Furthermore – consider using a quality BBQ cover – available from the BBQ CLEANING COMPANY.


  • use al-foil on your drip tray – oils will seep underneath and cockroaches love the dark warm space.
  • use sand in your drip tray – this will lead to corrosion.
  • store spare LPG bottles in or near your BBQ.  “Kaabooommmm”
  • store flammable items in your BBQ trolley, such as citronella oil or fire starters.


  • Remove the warming rack if not in use.
  • USE fat & oil’s sparingly.
  • ROTATE your plates & use all the BBQ.
  • NEVER poor cold or even warm water over a hot BBQ plate, grill or any other hot part of a BBQ.
  • ALWAYS turn your gas bottle or mains bbq gas line OFF.


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