What We do

We clean BBQ’s and outdoor kitchens,        It’s all we do, so we do it well, very well.

Regardless of what type or make your BBQ/kitchen maybe, we can make it shine !!  Many units respond to our techniques so well that you would think they are new. Obviously it does depend on the starting point. An abused suffering BBQ will not respond as positively as a well used, cared for appliance. But don’t be daunted – we aren’t – even the worst case can be returned to a thing of beauty and be in a position “….where it is good enough to eat off  !”

When or how often should my appliance be cleaned?

This really comes down to how the BBQ is used. Obviously a well used BBQ requires our attention more regularly and communal units need a very regular cleaning regime in order to keep the peace amongst users. – Take note Strata Managers.  In most cases an annual clean will suffice, however we have clients that require our services on a fortnightly basis – it depends on you, your appliance and how you use and care for it.  Call us for our expert advice.

How far will you go ??

It doesn’t matter where your appliance is located !  We can climb stairs, take elevators, lifts and love the view from balconies.  Backyards are our norm but we will go anywhere, as long as it is in our service area.  We currently service all of Perth and regularly travel to the South West, including but not limited to ; Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River.

What else do you guys do ??

We do Everything BBQ !!    BBQ’s, Extractor Hoods, Cook tops, Complete Outdoor Kitchen’s, even Ovens if we have to.  We can repair, supply and install any required part or accessory for your appliance.  We can advise and even supply NEW appliances – call us for a price on your requirements.   Please note – Our advice is free !  

We also move BBQ’s.  Many removalist’s refuse to accept gas appliances. We can move your unit where you require, we can even perform a clean en-route if required.  If moving overseas with your beloved appliance, we can ‘clean for export’ and ensure you do not have any issues in the receiving country.

GIFT VOUCHERS – Yes we do gift vouchers !!  Simply inform us of the dollar value you want to spend and on payment we’ll email you a voucher that you can print and present to your loved one.  They then simply contact us and we’ll perform work to that value.  Easy, simple, quick, almost painless!!  Great for last minute prezzies, Fathers Day, Christmas, Mothers Day, Anniversaries, any reason you need to find that special something for that special person.

How would I pay for such brilliant service ??

Not with an arm and a leg – that’s for sure !     Jonesy accepts the old fashioned payment systems of cheque and sometimes even the folding stuff, but now we have EFTPOS or we can always invoice you to pay via EFT.         Whatever suits you !!